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Roundup: Articles of the week!






Most people who follow the news know of a few big things that happened this week: the repeal of DADT (!!!), the Emmys, tax increases for millionaires, fall TV shows starting up…but I want to bring you some of my favorite articles I read this week that you have probably not seen. Check back next week for more!

  • What does feminism mean? Posted on Feminists for Choice. I think if the word feminism was more well received today the women’s movement would have a better chance. I agree with the author when she says:  ‘I used to think that equality and feminism were “the radical notion that women are people.”  I still think that, but my interpretation of feminism has expanded, although the definition is still the same.’ I also like what she says about relationships and housework: “If everyone is equal, everyone in the household should chip in to do the chores.  I think that housework should be negotiated.  No one should default to doing something simply because “that’s what men do,” or “that’s what women do.”  If one partner is a good cook, it makes sense that the other partner should do the dishes.” I always let my boyfriend cook for me but he does enjoy it more. You can be a feminist in the modern world in a heterosexual relationship as long as you find an equal balance.
  • Another good feminist read from the Huffington Post: Remember When Liberals Were Feminists?
  • This article stood out to me since I am embarking on a volunteer/internship trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in less than 2 weeks. The original article was posted in the SF Chronicle on Aug. 21 but picked up by a blog this week about Mexico being safer than most think. As a new Oakland resident as well, it is easy to see people generalizing about a place based on a few dangerous stories. Anyway, the article says “95% of Mexico’s municipalities are SAFE, at least as safe as the average traveler’s hometown.  ”There are Mexican destinations that pose no more risk than Disneyland,” Delsol says. “
What am I missing? What stood out in the news to you?

“Gloria: In Her Own Words” on HBO

You may not have heard of HBO’s new special “Gloria: In Her Own Words” but hopefully you know of it’s star and subject Gloria Steinham. But if you don’t know Gloria it’s never too late!

Gloria can be described in many ways: feminist icon, passionate writer, political activist, founder of Ms. Magazine (one of my favorite publications!), and much more.  (She once went undercover as a Playboy bunny and wrote about her experience and treatment throughout it.)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to watch it since it premiered on Monday (no HBO or any cable for that matter); but the trailer makes me wish I did. WATCH IT.

It seems to me from interviews and article reviews from feminists and major magazines that it was made to inform about Gloria’s part in the women’s movement of the 1960s and 70s. Most active feminists are already well aware of Gloria and her impact on the movement but this documentary was made to inspire those who are new to Gloria’s role in feminism.