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Maker Faire Bay Area 2012

I went to Maker Faire yesterday with no idea of what I was getting into. I had always been intrigued when I heard about it in the past and when I was offered a free ticket I decided to check it out.

Driving, being in the suburbs, spending money, and being in crowds are generally not ways I like to spend my free time, but I will admit, Maker Faire was an exception. Some highlights for me were: giant bicycles and other unique mobile contraptions (like a giant see-saw on wheels painted like a dinosaur), bands playing with equipment powered by bicycles, cute crafts, lightening/electricity display in the glow-in-the-dark room, intricate machines making music, mushroom-growing kits, robots, funnel cake, and more!

It was a much bigger event than I imaged, much more family/kid oriented as well. Might not be worth the money but it was fun and definitely worth looking into for those who like to spend their time on science/crafty things.

Graduation photos

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Pictures from my mom, graduation June 11, 2011. Cal Poly Journalism.