My Video Interview with Atlas Sliced


atlas slicedLast month I was happy to be asked to participate in a video interview for an episode of the new travel talk show, Atlas Sliced.

Atlas Sliced is an awesome interview/vlog style YouTube show about travel stories, advice, and inspiration. Alexa Hart is the young and smart woman behind the website and the show. With about two new 20 minute episodes per week, Alexa is hard at work to bring the online travel community awesome videos while connecting people and cultures through Atlas Sliced.

Since Go Overseas focuses on 5 meaningful, important, and unique forms of travel – during one week this January, Atlas Sliced featured one Go Overseas expert each day. Monday Tucker talked about teaching abroad. Tuesday Megan gives some advice about studying abroad. Wednesday was my big day! I talked about my own experiences studying and volunteering abroad but also gave some advice for future travelers looking to find the right volunteer program abroad and to save some money as well. I was overall very happy with the video and glad to be included! Watching myself always makes me think about how I present myself and is a good way to improve my speaking skills. The week finished up with Nadia discussing how to get an internship abroad. Friday finished off strong with Go Overseas President Mitch Gordon with some inspirational stuff about gap years.

Check out the interview on Atlas Sliced:

2 thoughts on “My Video Interview with Atlas Sliced

  1. Thanks for sharing, Katie! Appreciate it. The GO crew is great! The video thumbnail is funny… In the YouTube settings, I made it a different thumbnail, but for some reason, it likes this one and won’t change it. Anyway, you were a great guest, and I’m so happy you came on the show!

    • Right back at you girl! It was super fun. I wasn’t sure how to change the video thumbnail either, oh well haha. Thanks for coming to my site and sharing it too :)

      Excited to continue to support and share all the great work you do!

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