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twitter-logo-hashtagIf you had asked me a few years ago, I would have never predicted that I’d be Tweeting daily on two accounts (one for work and one personally). Now that I’ve created Twitter handbooks, implemented successful Twitter strategies to increase engagement, traffic, and followers, as well as written articles about Twitter, I am pretty confident with my Twitter knowledge and abilities.

One aspect of Twitter I am still working on mastering is Twitter chats. There are Twitter chats on also every topic in every industry. They are generally run and curated by one organization that starts off the chat with some questions. Anyone can get involved by following and replying with the appropriate hashtags.

I’ve had some fun with Twitter chats and connected with some awesome people with¬†similar¬†interests. There’s a whole world of Twitter to discover with tons of benefits too. Here is some information about the Twitter chats I’ve participated in and my experiences with them.


Twitter Chats I’ve Tried

Travel Tuesday: Tuesday is a great day for the online travel industry. The Travel Tuesday Twitter Chat started back in 2009 by Katy of ‘Where I’ve Been‘. This chat is a great way to find and recommend new people to follow as well as interact with fellow travel-lovers.

Try following along with the chat and using the hashtag #TravelTuesday all day every Tuesday!


BootsnAll Travel logoRTW Wednesday: Each week, the RTW Twitter chat has a different theme – from planning your RTW trip to should you take a RTW trip. Every six minutes there is a new question posted from the moderators, with a total of 10 throughout the hour. The chat is run by an awesome RTW travel website and resource called BootsnAll. (FYI: RTW = round-the-world.)

Use the hashtag #RTWchat on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:30pm Eastern Time.



She Party: The weekly She Party Twitter chat is run by the Women’s Media Center in 2010. This chat has been a great platform to bring light to women’s political issues as well as discussing and celebrating strong, smart, and influential men and women in the media who stand up for equality.

Join in on the #SheParty every Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm (EST).


More Twitter Chats to Try


What are your experiences with Twitter chats? What other cool chats are out there? What recommendations do you have?

One thought on “Get Involved in Twitter Chats!

  1. Excellent article re Twitter Chats. They are indeed a top way to meet people, find local businesses, banter, chat and so much more.

    But how do people find them? how do they know when they are going on? how do they not forget to join in?

    Yes.. there are some lists with chats on, but in the main these are very out of date and there are way more good chats than the few you have mentioned.. Yes.. these ones are great by the way and we alert people to those each week.

    The answer is a new Twitter account – @TheChatDiary that tweets Twitter chat alerts. It will help you to discover new Twitter Chats & remind you of the times / dates of others. so people can decide to join in if they want to.

    It also makes sure as best as possible that the chat is live and current.

    Currently over 400+ twitter chats go out weekly to alert people to..


    Mark Shaw

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