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Katie Boyer’s 2013 Goals and Resolutions

After a long weekend of drinking beer, eating awesome food, and catching up with old friends around San Francisco and Oakland, I’ve had a day of rest and reflection. Here are my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions!

I am not promising to keep all of these but maybe writing about it will help. I’m looking forward to a better year and a fresh start. Some of these things are more of wishlist items and goals for the new year but I thought it was still appropriate. Resolutions are easier said than done but they’re fun and motivating!


Finances – Budgeting is hard and I am not very grown up yet when it comes to money. I have a Mint account which is good for keeping track of spending but I don’t log in and use it much. I will try to use Mint to budget and make some advances with finances and taxes and such. Especially as an employee at a start up, I want to be more educated on businesses, equity, etc.

Personal – I want an apartment upgrade, preferably even to a house instead. Moving is a lot of work though, we have been looking on Craigslist regularly for a while now but are being picky. Here’s hoping I’m living at a place with a yard and/or view in Oakland soon.

Professional Development – There are many things I have been wanting to that would help me in my career, education, and professional life.

I would like to get the Google Analytics Certification. I would like to write more, including blogging and guest posts. I would be also interested in trying some kind of writing group. If I could go back to school I’d like to brush up on Spanish or be in a conversation club. I’d also take some kind of women’s studies classes and think about education, business, ethnic studies as well. There are small steps I can take in 2013 to start myself in the right direction.

Health – This is an obvious and boring resolution but it’s necessary. I want to take basic daily vitamins. I need to floss more and go to the dentist. Exercising regularly is also hard but I ride my bike and walk a fair amount. I even do yoga once in a while. In 2013, I plan to go to yoga even more, ride my bike even more, eat better, and be healthier in general.


Happy 2013! What are you looking forward to this year? What are you resolutions and can you actually keep them?!