Google Analytics Testing: My Journey to Become a Google Analytics Expert


It has been one of my recent goals, and even a New Year’s Resolution, to become a Google Analytics expert. As a marketing professional and someone interested in websites and search engines, Google Analytics is important for many reasons.

There are many ways to learn about Analytics. It can be overwhelming at first. My suggestion would be to have goals in mind. What do you want to learn? There’s so much to learn, but most of it you will probably never use. What are you going to be using Analytics for? I use it at work to track traffic, see which pages are doing best, and to see what our top referrers are. I can also look at conversion rates for clients, trends, top keywords, etc.

By summer, I hope to be ready to get my Google Analytics Certification and pass the test! That requires a lot more video watching, playing around in GA, and reading. Before spending that $50 to take the test, be sure to be ready! Follow along with my GA adventures and offer any advice you have.

Below I’ve highlighted the techniques I’ve put in place for learning as well as some of my favorite tools and resources. Feel free to add more in the comments, thanks!

Practice - The most obvious and simple way to learn is to practice. Try some hands-on learning and really get into it! Set up your own site personally or use your company’s account more regularly. If you’re not already an administrator at your job, ask someone who works on Analytics regularly to add you and show you some basics. Have some metrics to check and analyze weekly at the very least.

Details - Analytics can be very in-depth but you can also get by and learn a lot just from some basics. Learn the basics and terminology first then dive deeper. Watching videos can be a great way to get a better grasp on the nitty-gritty.

Testing - This Google Analytics Testing site has been my savior lately! You can choose which topics to be tested on and how many questions to have on your test without a time limit. The most useful part has been reviewing the answers after taking the test and reading the explanations.

More Resources & Articles:

Get ready for the IQ test! Google Analytics IQ Lessons
Take the test! Google Testing Center

I want to hear from other Analytics users (beginners and experts) out there!

How would you rate your knowledge? How do you use Analytics? Have you taken the IQ Test? Share your knowledge and resources!

4 thoughts on “Google Analytics Testing: My Journey to Become a Google Analytics Expert

  1. Hey!
    I consider my Analytics knowledge as above average. And when i started to learn for IQ test i was starter user who knew how to get around GA, but never was inside it fully.

    For learning I used Goole IQ Lessons, read Avinash Kaushik Blog, Used Google Analytics Test and read about GA in general. After this, I took a GA test, was nervous about it (my job was on the line :) ) but it was peace a cake, i think every average user after looking into Lesson files and play around GA can complete this test succesfully.

    Two weeks preparing can give you those needed 80% for passing.

    But if you want deep understanding of GA you need to learn, watch, read and play aroung GA all the time to recoginse GA full power.

    I wish you good luck.

    I hope learning wont be painful for you, but will work for you naturally.

    P.S. GA test site questions are much more difficult than those in IQ test itself.

  2. Katie, thanks for putting together this post, and glad to hear that you’re finding useful in your preparation. (I’m the developer/admin). As John mentioned in his comment, the questions there are considerably more difficult than on the GAIQ itself because they’re written in practical business and technical contexts. All this to say that if you can answer and understand the questions and explanations on the site, the GAIQ should really not be a problem.

    Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out!

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